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As open-door institutions, the community colleges are faced with many unique challenges, one of which is educating all those who seek higher education whether they are prepared for it or not. This challenge encompasses a broad range of activities, including remedial and developmental education.

In June 2006, University of Hawai'i Vice President for Community Colleges John Morton asked the chancellors and chief academic officers to "develop a White Paper that will analyze the current successes and issues with our remedial and developmental programs and recommend a series of program improvements that will increase the number of students enrolling in and successfully completing the necessary developmental work preparatory to the community college technical and transfer programs."

The White Paper revealed many issues that contribute to the high number of underprepared students entering college today--from under-preparation in high schools to retention and persistence in colleges. These problems cannot be resolved in isolation. What this White Paper makes clear is that effective change can only take place when we do things in concert with all the touch points in a student's life--from meeting higher standards in high school to the assessment and placement in college, as well as learning in the classroom through quality curriculum and delivery methods, and receiving all the learning support services available.

The White Paper provided recommendations and valuable information, so that campuses could immediately implement new strategies. As you visit other web pages through this website, you will discover the progress made in improving student success, as revealed through the many initiatives implemented at the community colleges.