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By using this "reverse transfer" process, you can finish the degree you started at the community college after transferring to a four-year university. Credits you earned while working toward your bachelor degree are sent back to the community college to fulfill your associate degree requirements.

If you are currently enrolled in a four-year campus within the University of Hawaiʻi System and have successfully completed all program requirements for an associate in arts degree, you will be notified of this achievement. Once verified, the earned degree will be noted on your academic record unless requested not to do so. The notation will be at no cost to you.

Reasons to reverse transfer:

  • An associate degree is a marketable academic achievement, valued by employers, internship coordinators and transfer schools.
  • An associate degree provides an edge in the workforce and looks good on your resume, especially in cases where you may have not completed your bachelor degree.
  • An associate degree may help you land a better job while completing your bachelor's degree.

What is reverse transfer?
A reverse transfer is a process in which your academic credits for course work completed at a four-year university are transferred back to your community college to satisfy associate degree requirements.

Am I eligible for reverse transfer?
If you started your coursework at a UH community college, then transferred to UH Mānoa, UH Hilo or UH West O'ahu before completing your associate in arts (AA) degree, you may be eligible for reverse transfer. Please contact a counselor at your community college for a review of your credits.

How much does it cost?
The University of Hawaiʻi do not charge for the reverse transfer process. However, your transfer institution may charge you for a transcript request fee. You also may be required to take additional courses to complete your associate degree plan. There is a $15 fee if you would like to have a diploma for your associate in arts degree.

I already completed my bachelor's degree after transferring from a University of Hawai'i community college. Can I still reverse transfer?
Reverse transfer is a process that identifies students who have not yet received their bachelor's degree, yet have the required coursework and credit requirements for an associate in arts degree.
If you already have your bachelor's degree and completed some coursework at a UH community college, then you may request an associate's degree by contacting your community college
advisor or counselor. A review of your transcripts will be done to verify completion of course requirements for the associate in arts degree.

Can I take courses at my university to complete my bachelor's degree, or must I return to a community college?
You do not have to return to a community college to complete courses if you can take them at your transfer institution. However, those courses must be transferrable and applicable to your associate degree. Meet with your academic counselor to be sure your credits will reverse transfer.

I am graduating this semester with a bachelor degree from UH Mānoa. If I accept the reverse transfer degree from my community college, will I also be eligible to receive my bachelor's degree at the end of this semester?
Yes! You will receive both degrees. The reverse transfer process and the receipt of an associate degree will not impede your progress or completion of your bachelor degree.

I took several courses at a community college before transferring to UH Mānoa. I didn't finish my requirements for a bachelor's degree, so I have no college degree. Am I eligible for an associate in arts degree at my community college?
Since you are not currently enrolled, you will need to contact a community college academic advisor or counselor to have your transcripts reviewed to see if your coursework at the four-year institution fulfills the associate in arts degree requirements. You may have enough credits to be eligible for an associate in arts degree.

If I earn my associate degree through reverse transfer, can I still participate in my community college commencement ceremony?
Yes! Earning your degree is a major accomplishment and we welcome you to join us at commencement. You must first apply to graduate at your community college, and then you will receive information about upcoming ceremonies. Commencement ceremonies at the community colleges are normally held once a year at the end of Spring Semester.

Where do I get more information on the reverse transfer process?
Visit a community college advising and counseling office, or contact a counselor at your community college.

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