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The University’s system student success work, aligned with Hawaii Graduation Initiative, supported by the SSC, include the following initiatives:

First Year Success

Provide consistent structures and advising for first year students that result in retention into the second year:

Math and English Redesign

Evaluation and redesign of math and English curriculum, delivery and pedagogy to support students’ program and career needs. Redesign includes an evaluation of assessment instruments and policies to decrease developmental referrals, reduce or eliminate the amount of time students spend in developmental education, and align developmental education across campuses and with college-level courses.

Informed Choice

System-wide plan for students to make an early informed choice of major and to connect to curricular pathways that supports students’ career aspirations.


Establish policies and procedures that allow students to transfer seamlessly to and among baccalaureate programs while minimizing excess credits.

STAR Hybrid Pathways (Pinning Project)

Process that allows transfer students to secure a four-year academic plan at the optimal point of transfer.

Online Education

Expand accelerated online options for taking courses and degrees to provide students with flexibility in scheduling.

Accelerated online AA Degree and bachelor’s degree programs

Implement a fully-online accelerated AA program and bachelor’s degree programs; recruit students, targeting those who wouldn’t otherwise enroll. Launch online academic and student support services.

Returning Adults

Develop Integrated Student Supports that encourage and facilitate stopped-out students to return and to complete degrees.

Integrated Student Support

Improve returning adult students’ onboarding experience and integrated student support services